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Make When You Want - 1.2L of ice cream in less than 60 minutes! Automatic keep-cool function for 1 hour after preparation.

Easy to Use - Digital controls to set up preparation time. LCD display indicates time remaining and inside temperature. Thanks to its compact dimensions of 400 x 260 x 322mm, this ice cream machine comfortably fits into even the smallest of kitchens.

Compressor Cooling - Get a cooling range of between -18° to -35°C. Non-stick removable bowl for easy cleaning. Stainless steel design.

Make It Yourself - Refill inlet allows ingredients to be added without needing to stop the making process. Delicious ice cream, quick to make, just choose your flavours.

Suitable For Everyone - Use a dairy-free alternative like soy, coconut or almond milk to create a lighter dessert that is also vegan.

1.2L Ice Cream Machine With Fast Freeze Compressor Cooling

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