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12-in-1 Air Fryer Steam Oven – Combines 8 presets, 3 cooking modes and a DIY function to cater for all your daily cooking needs. Select Fries, Pizza, Meat, Chicken Wings, Fish, Vegetables, Dehydrate or Bake for the automatic preset functions. Or use the DIY function to cook to your personal preferences.

Steam like never before - Full Steam Mode locks in food's natural flavour and nutrition. Air Fry Mode cooks with hot air circulation and less oil; one press to add additional steam during air frying for a juicier taste. Steam & Air Fry Combo Mode combines steaming and air frying in one cooking process, perfect for roast beef, chicken, or baking bread.

Large Family Sized 15L Capacity – Whip up a feast in this 15L capacity air fryer. With space for up to 1.6kg of food, this extra-large air fryer makes cooking for as many as 8 people a breeze. It's ideal for family get-togethers, dinner parties or meal-prepping healthy recipes for the week ahead.

Endless Versatility - The LCD touchscreen allows you to easily set the desired cooking temperature and time, as well as select the proper cooking mode. With the provided accessories – a grill rack, pizza pan, and grill pan – you can make a delicious, nutritious meal for your family.

Self clean - Help prolong the life of your steaming function with a self maintenance cleaning cycle. Dimensions (W x D x H) – 375 x 350 x 400mm. Features a 700ml water tank.

12-in-1 Air Fryer Steam Oven - Black

SKU: DH171
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