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This Baridi induction hob has a total power output of 2800W split across four independently controllable zones with nine power settings. The two left zones of this induction hob can instantly transform into one larger, versatile cooking zone, ideal for larger pots and pans as well as griddles.

Quick Heat Induction Technology – Induction hob heating is much faster and more efficient than gas or ceramic equivalents. Induction hobs heat using magnetic fields, creating instant heat in any iron, stainless steel or alloy pan. Perfect for rapid boiling and cooking at high temperatures.

Cheaper and Safer – Because induction hobs only heat the pan, you waste much less electricity, saving you money. Unlike gas and ceramic hobs, induction surfaces cool much quicker after use making them a far safer option for your kitchen.

Easily control the cooktops settings with a press of your finger. The intuitive touch controls have a range of safety features including a lock function to prevent children and pets from accidentally activating the hob and a pan sensor which disables the zone as soon as a pan is removed.

Product Dimensions of 600 x 520mm means this induction hob will effortlessly slot into a standard 560 x 490mm cut out, making it easy for an electrician to install. Not supplied with a mains plug, this hob must be hard-wired.

Timer setting ensures full control while cooking. Each zone can be independently controlled with a time between 1 and 99 minutes. Please note this product can only be used with induction pots and pans.

60cm Bridge Zone Induction Hob with Boost Function 2800W

SKU: DH178
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