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This Baridi ceramic hob boasts an impressive power output of 8200W split across five cooking zones with the central zone being able to accommodate larger pots and higher temperature cooking.

Straightforward to operate thanks to the intuitive slider touch control panel, simply select the hob you wish to use and slide to your desired power setting.

Unlike induction hobs, this 77cm electric hob is suitable for all types of cookware, from cast iron and aluminium pans to ceramic and tempered glass dishes. It is also super convenient to clean due to its scratch, wear and high-temperature resistant glass surface, simply wipe with a damp cloth to leave your hob sparkling clean.

Integrated timer puts you in full control of your cooking with each zone able to be independently controlled with a timer between 1 and 99 minutes. This hob also features a child lock function giving you full peace of mind.

Product Dimensions: 770 x 520 x 50mm, not supplied with a mains plug, this hob must be hard-wired. Cut-Out Dimensions Required (W x D): 740 x 490mm


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77cm Ceramic Hob With 5 Cooking Zones, Slider Touch Control 8200W

SKU: DH175
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