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This portable bedchair is perfect for fishing, camping, festivals and many more outdoor activities. Easily converts between a bed and a chair saving you precious space while camping.

The adjustable incline backrest means this bedchair is both comfortable during the day as a chair while carp fishing, and also as a bed for the night.

Three folding legs with six adjustable anti-sink feet allow the bed to sit perfectly level on even the roughest terrains and ensure a good night's sleep while camping

Cosy fleece-covered 92cm wide mattress with luxurious built-in pillow for ultimate comfort and warmth even on the coldest nights out on fishing trips.

Bed Height: 38-48cm. Bed Dimensions (W x H): 90 x 210cm. Maximum User Weight: 115kg.

Deluxe Wide Adjustable Bedchair Fleece Mattress & Pillow

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