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Portable - Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, the Baridi dual-zone induction hob is not only perfect for cooking in your kitchen at home, but also for caravans or camping.

Power - Each zone features five power settings, the left zone ranges from 600W-1800W, the right zone ranges from 200W-1000W, ensuring the versatility you need to cook the perfect dish.

Timer Function - This Baridi dual-zone induction hob also features a digital timer which runs for up to 3 hours, helping to keep your cooking stress free.

Safety - Features a child safety lockout which prevents accidental settings changes as well as an automatic shutdown function after the pan is removed.

Quick Heat Induction Technology – Induction hob heating is much faster and more efficient than gas or ceramic equivalents. Induction hobs heat using magnetic fields, creating instant heat in any iron, stainless steel or alloy pan. Perfect for rapid boiling and cooking at high temperatures.


Cheaper and Safer – Because induction hobs only heat the pan, you waste much less electricity, saving you money.


Unlike gas and ceramic hobs, induction surfaces cool much quicker after use making them a far safer option for your kitchen.

Portable Two Zone Induction Hob 2800W - Black

SKU: DH146
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