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SMALL AND SPACIOUS - This small table top fridge is the perfect fridge for bedrooms. Cool and quiet it can be used for drinks bottles, cans and even food. Runs at just 53dB for quiet performance.
FULLY PORTABLE - Runs on either 12v or 230v so you can use it in a car, 4x4 or even a caravan.


The integrated handle makes this portable fridge great for travel, whether it's at home or abroad. Size 33(W) x 26(D) x 42(H).

SKINCARE FRIDGE – Many skin care products last longer when kept at a stable temperature, and this mini table top storage is perfect for the bedroom or dressing room.

GREAT DESIGN – When looking for a mini fridge for bedrooms a great design is important. Featuring a large window and gloss finish, this fridge looks great. With an impressive 15L capacity, you'll be able to store everything you need inside. The two-level interior and more storage in the door make this fridge a fantastic make up organiser.

WARM OR COLD - Cools down to approximately 10°c or Warms up to 55°c - perfect for keeping drinks cooler in the car or keeping food warm on long journeys.

15L Mini Cosmetics Fridge Cooler, 12V/230V Available in 2 Colours

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