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Oven, Grill & Smoker - The Dellonda kamado style BBQ is the perfect addition to your outdoor living area. Caters for all parties with the option of cold smoking, searing, grilling, baking and slow cooking. Amaze your guests with an unforgettable alfresco dining experience.

Keep Meat Moist - Air is locked tightly in due to the shape and construction materials used, moisture loss is low so meat remains more tender and juicier than it would on a regular charcoal grill.

Advanced Construction - A ceramic shell and robust design provides excellent heat retention and cooking temperatures up to 485°C. As the internal heat is insulated the outer metal shell will not burn you when touched. Use the top vent to manage the temperature, or use the BBQ as a smoker.
Use Different Fuels - Suitable for use with charcoal, pellets and untreated wood chips and the ceramic insulation means you need less fuel than traditional BBQs.

Large Grill Size - 47.5cm (19") - The 19” diameter grill gives you a massive 2ft2 of cooking area – plenty for the whole family.


Combine meat and vegetables with the famous dual-level grill set up, and control the smoky flavour using the top smoke-vent.


The high quality materials in this BBQ means the weight is 95kg.

Deluxe Kamado Style BBQ Grill, Oven, Smoker With Wheeled Stand

SKU: DG159
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