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Great Food - Ideal for cooking/smoking pizza, fish, meat, vegetables and much more, put the fun into cooking a variety of foods, outside!

Portable Size - Hinged legs and a removable chimney for fast install/breakdown makes this 14kg lightweight oven portable and great for garden use.

Quick Use - The cordierite pizza stone included absorbs heat quickly and is ready to cook in just 10-15 minutes and up to 14" sized pizzas can be done in approximately 60 seconds.

Accessories Included - Supplied with a pizza peel allowing you to safely slide your pizza into the oven, as well as a smoking cap to help infuse your food with the unique smoky flavour only found in wood fired ovens.

Efficient Fuel - The oven uses either charcoal or efficient and sustainable hard wood pellets. Feed the fuel through the back hopper, a quick and easy method meaning more time to enjoy with the family, it's a beautiful bit of kit!


Please ensure you use the fixing bolts supplied to give ample distance between the fuel box and handle to prevent burning.

Portable Wood-Fired 14" Pizza & Smoking Oven - Black/Stainless Steel

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