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Long-lasting Illumination - The Multipurpose LED Table Lamp features a large 3600mAh battery, providing up to 6 hours of bright light on the highest setting and an impressive 20 hours on the lowest setting. This means you can rely on it for extended periods without the need for frequent charging.

Three Touch Controls + RGB Colour Setting - Effortlessly adjust the lighting to your preference with three standard touch controls - White, Warm, and Warm White. Whether you want a bright, cool ambiance or a warm, cozy atmosphere, this cordless lamp has you covered. Additionally, the RGB Colour Setting allows you to explore a broad spectrum of colors to suit any mood or occasion.

Dimming Function - Customize the intensity of the light with the dimming function. From subtle and subdued to bold and vibrant, the battery powered lamp lets you set the perfect lighting level for any situation.

Easy Charging - The Multi-Purpose Touch-Control LED cordless table lamp comes with a 1m Type-C USB charging cable for your convenience. Simply connect it to a compatible power source to charge the lamps. (Please note that a plug is not supplied.)

IPX4 Waterproof Rating - The IPX4 rating ensures the lamp is protected against splashes of water, making it safe for outdoor use even in slightly rainy conditions.


With dimensions of 130 x 130 x 380mm, the lamp is designed to be compact and easily portable.

Rechargeable Table lamp - Available in 4 Colours

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